Slovak life science innovations

Are we ready to sustain innovations in Slovak healthcare? Do we support sufficiently biomedical, drug, diagnostics and medical devices research and development in Slovakia? What does it mean for the patient´s prognosis and treatment modalities when circulating tumour cells are found in blood? Can we diagnose prostate cancer earlier and more accurate without a need for non-necessary biopsies? Can encapsulated islets into polymers effectively treat diabetes? Why we urgently need a biobank system in Slovakia? How are Slovak researchers contributing to the development of a drug for alkaptonuria? How can a new antibacterial material which needs just light to kill bacteria be useful in hospitals?

These and many other emerging questions and answers were discussed on the 2. Life Science Innovation Day in Bratislava in the Science Park of Comenius University. The event attracted more than 125 stakeholders of life science innovations in Slovakia. It was a great opportunity to meet also Boehringer Ingelheim researchers to hear about how innovation meets accountability or to discuss with Siemens Healthineers about the future of healthcare with personalised and value-based medicine.

Thanks to Slovensko-nemecká obchodná a priemyselná komora (Deutsch-Slowakische Industrie- und Handelskammer) and Ministerstvo zdravotníctva SR (Ministry of Health of SR) we could meet Slovak life science innovators and see that this sector is alive and active in Slovakia.

See you there next year?